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The single most influential aspect of our world is that which has gone before. People, nations, and successions of events shape and mold the decisions and direction of today. The past is the key to understanding the present. Delve with us into the depths of the past and explore the infinite intricacies which have woven the living tapestry of who we are.

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We cannot know who we are unless we identify our surroundings. We cannot know our neighbor unless we are acquainted with his environment. Geography is a crucial element of knowledge woefully neglected in our day. The study of maps and topography and the location of things is essential to the understanding of the world around us.

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‘Junk Science’ is the Trojan Horse of modernity. The current concepts of our surroundings and the building blocks of nature and her fickle ways are all perceived through the lens of scientific analysis. History has proven science to be a process of elimination; guesses more often proven wrong than correct, guiding the quest to ultimate truth.

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For Love of Country

What caused a large portion of tenured US military officers to resign their commissions and fight against the very institution to which they once belonged? Many would point an accusing finger to the scourge of slavery and the pernicious desire to keep other men in bondage. But is this even a reasonable assumption? Did these men fight for bondage or for liberty? Memoirs and accounts of the day give a decidedly different reason for what many of their contemporaries labeled treason; reasons left undisputed and often corroborated by their opponents.

Persistent revisionism has painted a very inaccurate picture of 19th century America and the ultimate causes of disunion and war.


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Do we learn from history or simply repeat it? We often misunderstand it because we are typically compelled to read history backwards. Join us as we examine a linear presentation of the all-important subject of HISTORY.

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Where we are is nearly as important as, and invariably defines who we are. Our place of origin affects our attitudes and perceptions. Go with us around the globe as we examine the exotic and fascinating subject of GEOGRAPHY.

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One of the most fascinating aspects of Our World is that which makes it tick. Mankind has been on the quest for knowledge since he first breathed the breath of life. Let us search the untold riches of the universe with SCIENCE.

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Our World Digest promises to be a rich and enjoyable online experience. We continue to offer profitable and engaging content. See our growing RESOURCE INDEX for a comprehensive listing of what we have available.


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The Intriging Question of the Middle East

A small amount of real estate on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea has been the focal point of world political agendas for decades, if not centuries. What is so important about this little strip of land known as Israel? This area has been the sight of great tensions and violence, and is arguably the epicenter of worldwide violence and aggression.

Many have tried to solve this onerous problem. All have failed. What is the underlying complexity of the situation and how is it that this little patch of real estate, comparatively inconsequential in size to other areas of the globe, is the nexus of significant worldwide issues.

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